DJ Angus 'El Flaco' - DJ, Smartphone Quiz Host,Voiceover, Presenter & Dance Instructor
SpeedQuizzing. The fun and competitive Quiz for corporate events, company events, pubs and other venues.

SMARTPHONE QUIZ for pubs, corporate events and even schools.

I am proud to be one of the first DJs to bring a new form of interactive quiz to London.
Currently hosting every Monday at 8pm at the Jam And Rye, Islington. (Next door to Highbury And Islington Station.)

SpeedQuizzing brings the traditional pub quiz into the 21st Century. It's also a great tool for corporate events.

Played entirely on your smartphone or tablet, the game eliminates the need for pen and paper.
With all devices connected to a host computer, the game is brought into a new level as googling the answers is impossible as a 10 second timer limits the time that teams have to answer various questions in multiple choice, numbers and letters!
Then the game takes the traditional pub Quiz into new territory as it turns into a game show style quiz where every team's handset becomes their unique buzzer (sounds selected by the teams at the start of the Quiz).

Other features include:
Bonus points for the fastest correct answer in each question.
Pictures appearing on all team devices and LIVE screens (where used).
Music rounds.
Go wide: allowing teams an extra guess but receiving half points if correct.
Evil mode: Deducting points for wrong guesses.
Advanced buzzing' rounds: Allowing other teams a chance to agree or disagree with an answer during the game-show style round.

This is especially great for corporate events and will certainly bring out the competitiveness amongst employees and associates!

For more information, please contact me via the methods below!


See the video below for a demo and if you're interested in having a quiz at your venue, conference or party, please get in touch via email or 07984153779 and I can come and give you a demonstration of how it all works.


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